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как перенести сайт с хостинга на компьютер

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дубликтором в вордпрессе пишет такое

Please check the 'Legacy' checkbox above under options and then click the 'Retry Test' link.
Details: The database where the package was created has a collation that is not supported on this server. This issue happens when a site is moved from an older version of MySQL to a newer version of MySQL. The recommended fix is to update MySQL on this server to support the collation that is failing below. If that is not an option for your host then continue by clicking the 'Legacy' checkbox above. For more details about this issue and other details regarding this issue see the FAQ link below.



This test checks to make sure this database can support the collations found in the dup-installer/dup-database__7df3450-24051535.sql script.

Collations in dup-database__7df3450-24051535.sql

utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci: Fail
utf8_general_ci: Pass
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