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404 не найдена (анализ сайта)

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Помогите разобраться по какой причине сервис выдаёт ошибки

Код ответа несуществующей страницы 404
Не удалось получить код ответа 404 страницы
Ссылка со страницы 404
Ссылка со страницы 404 не найдена.


Проверяю в панели Я.Вебмастере - ошибка 404

на сайте bertal - также показывает HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found


Речь идёт о сайте 55opt.org


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Есть вопрос? Задай его профессиональным веб-мастерам, SEO и другим специалистам!

2 минуты назад, dimonxaxaxa сказал:

в Роботсе или HTACCESS  ничего лишнего не запрещали?




ServerSignature Off
AddDefaultCharset Off

Options All -ExecCGI -Indexes -Includes +FollowSymLinks

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} (MJ12bot|DotBot|LinkpadBot|statdom.ru|WebDataStats|Jooblebot|Baiduspider|BackupLand|NetcraftSurveyAgent) [NC]
RewriteRule .* - [F,L]

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^55opt.org [NC]
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://55opt.org/$1 [R,L]
    RewriteRule ^(robots.txt)$ $1 [L]
RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{HTTP:Authorization} ^Basic.*
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?http_authorization=%{HTTP:Authorization} [QSA,L]    
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php [QSA,L]


<IfModule mod_php7.c>
php_value expose_php off
php_flag expose_php off
    php_flag magic_quotes_gpc off
    php_flag magic_quotes_runtime off
    php_flag register_globals off
    php_flag display_errors off
    php_value max_input_vars 5000

<IfModule mod_dir.c>
    DirectoryIndex index.php index.htm index.html

AddType application/javascript         js jsonp
AddType application/json               json

# Аудио
AddType audio/ogg                      oga ogg
AddType audio/mp4                      m4a f4a f4b

# Видео
AddType video/ogg                      ogv
AddType video/mp4                      mp4 m4v f4v f4p
AddType video/webm                     webm
AddType video/x-flv                    flv

#   Требуется для svg шрифтов на iPad
#   https://twitter.com/FontSquirrel/status/14855840545
AddType     image/svg+xml              svg svgz
AddEncoding gzip                       svgz

# Веб-шрифты
AddType application/vnd.ms-fontobject  eot
AddType application/x-font-ttf         ttf ttc
AddType font/opentype                  otf
AddType application/x-font-woff        woff
AddType application/x-font-woff2        woff2

# Остальное
AddType image/x-icon                        ico
AddType image/webp                          webp
AddType text/cache-manifest                 appcache manifest
AddType text/x-component                    htc
AddType application/xml                     rss atom xml rdf
AddType application/x-chrome-extension      crx
AddType application/x-opera-extension       oex
AddType application/x-xpinstall             xpi
AddType application/octet-stream            safariextz
AddType application/x-web-app-manifest+json webapp
AddType text/x-vcard                        vcf
AddType application/x-shockwave-flash       swf
AddType text/vtt                            vtt

<IfModule mod_deflate.c>
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/javascript
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/rss+xml
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/vnd.ms-fontobject
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-font
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-font-opentype
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-font-otf
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-font-truetype
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-font-ttf
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-font-woff
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-font-woff2
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-javascript
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xhtml+xml
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xml
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE font/opentype
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE font/otf
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE font/ttf
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE font/woff
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE font/woff2
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE image/svg+xml
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE image/x-icon
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/css
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/javascript
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/plain

<IfModule mod_gzip.c>
  mod_gzip_on Yes
  mod_gzip_dechunk Yes
  mod_gzip_item_include file .(html?|txt|css|js|php|pl)$
  mod_gzip_item_include handler ^cgi-script$
  mod_gzip_item_include mime ^text/.*
  mod_gzip_item_include mime ^application/x-javascript.*
  mod_gzip_item_exclude mime ^image/.*
  mod_gzip_item_exclude rspheader ^Content-Encoding:.*gzip.*

FileETag MTime Size
# Leverage Browser Caching
<IfModule mod_expires.c>
  ExpiresActive On
  ExpiresByType image/jpg "access 1 year"
  ExpiresByType image/jpeg "access 1 year"
  ExpiresByType image/gif "access 1 year"
  ExpiresByType image/png "access 1 year"
  ExpiresByType image/webp "access 1 year"
  ExpiresByType text/css "access 1 year"
  ExpiresByType text/html "access 1 year"
  ExpiresByType application/pdf "access 1 year"
  ExpiresByType text/x-javascript "access 1 year"
  ExpiresByType application/x-shockwave-flash "access 1 year"
  ExpiresByType image/x-icon "access 1 year"
  ExpiresDefault "access 1 year"
<IfModule mod_headers.c>
  <filesmatch "\.(ico|flv|jpg|jpeg|webp|png|gif|css|swf)$">
  Header set Cache-Control "max-age=2678400, public"
  <filesmatch "\.(html|htm)$">
  Header set Cache-Control "max-age=2678400, private, must-revalidate"
  <filesmatch "\.(pdf)$">
  Header set Cache-Control "max-age=2678400, public"
  <filesmatch "\.(js)$">
  Header set Cache-Control "max-age=2678400, private"

<ifModule mod_headers.c>
Header set X-XSS-Protection "1; mode=block"
Header set X-Permitted-Cross-Domain-Policies "none"
Header always set Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains; preload" env=HTTPS

<IfModule headers_module>
    Header set X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN
    Header set X-Content-Type-Options nosniff

#Запрещаем открывать файлы напрямую
<Files ~ "(\.inc\.php|\.tpl|\.tpl\.php|\.auto\.php|\.auto\.xml)$">
    Order allow,deny
    Deny from all


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7 минут назад, dimonxaxaxa сказал:

возможно на https переехали недавно и всё исправится со временем

с 2017 года на https


До этого всё было нормально. Заметили косяк примерно с марта.

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