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Check-IPs.Expert - IPs-Data API

Free Cloud Anti-Bot Database. Cleaning traffic system.
Block Moderators, scan, crawler, checkers, search engine, etc bots realtime.

CHECK IP: http://checkbot.check-ips.expert/key_free/ip/


$api_server = "checkbot.check-ips.expert";
$key = "key_free";
$api_url = "http://".$api_server."/".$key."/ip/".$ip;
if (strpos(file_get_contents($api_url), 'BOT') !== false){
echo "HELLO BOT";
} else {
echo "HELLO USER";


OK (Clean IP)
BOT Fingerprint + ISP
BOT Fingerprint + ISP Port 443
BOT Fingerprint + ISP Port 22
BOT Fingerprint + ISP Port 3389
BOT Fingerprint + ISP *ISP-NAME*
BOT Fingerprint + ISP Anonymous MaxMind
BOT Fingerprint + ISP Hosting Provider
BOT Fingerprint + ISP Anonymizing VPN
BOT Fingerprint + ISP TOR Node
BOT Fingerprint + ISP Public Proxies
BOT Fingerprint + ISP Web Proxies
BOT Fingerprint + ISP Search Robots

IP2Location DB3 Lite
IP2Location DB3 Full
IP2Location DB4
Sypex City Lite
Maxmind City Lite (Legacy)

Web-site: https://check-ips.expert/

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